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Cut Resistant Apparel for Law Enforcement, Fire & EMS Professionals

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Our Origins

Second Unit is a Canadian based independent company that recognized the need for additional personal safety apparel in conjunction with standard issued uniforms in the field of law enforcement, fire, and EMS. With safety and comfort as a priority, hours of careful design, the highest quality materials, and meticulous assembly have been put into every single unit. All of this keeps our valued customers happy, safe, and comfortable during every shift.

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Professional Design

Designed by a police officer

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Proudly Canadian

Outstanding quality manufactured in Canada

Providing You Back Up

Police services use the 10 Code which is a numerical code that represents common phrases spoken by police and commonly used by first responders. This code is interchangeable with all police services across Canada. The code 10-78 is a numerical code for “officer needs assistance” and is used by officers when they are seeking backup from another unit to their location.

This is commonly referred to as requesting a “Second Unit”, this is the meaning behind the brand Second Unit.

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The Apparel

The Top 3 Features of Second Unit Shirts

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Second Unit is a safe and effective product with added cut-resistant sleeves from shoulder to wrist.

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Second unit is flexible and light, which enables the shirt to remain thin and can be instantly formed to the body of the first responder for a custom fit.

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Second Unit has a unique mixture of fibres that will not absorb moisture and pulls heat from the skin which allows for great comfort and protection. It’s a breathable material to be worn under issued service uniforms.

How Second Unit Shirts Can Keep You Safe

Reviews from Front Line Professionals

“Your forearms and wrist area are protected from knives and slashing so if someone pulls a knife on me when I’m at work, if I’m going to protect my face with my arms, so that I can get to my use of force and create time and distance so now I know that my arms are protected in the event that someone pulls a knife on me. “

-Police Officer in Ontario

“I came to know about Second Unit shirts fairly recently. If I would have been wearing something like that at that time, I definitely could have prevented the injury and everything that came with it being off work, the mental aspect of it. The scar that I have both physical and mental, I could have avoided all of that stuff just by wearing one of these shirts.”

-Emergency Response Team Member

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